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 Thanksgiving service and History display

Centenary thanksgiving service in our founding church. Witness the Vicar juggle, mixed generations pitch a tent front and back of church, view many people trying to work out where photos went on a timeline (and which knots to use to tie them on) and so much more.

Despite the fact the GSL had lost his voice, it was still a lively and fast moving service which really celebrated the Group and what Scouting means to us all and how much difference it makes in our lives.

If you were there you will know what I am talking about, if not have a look at this small taste of the service.

Congratulations also go to Richard who was awarded his wood beads and to Lynx Troop who saw their colours dedicated.

Afterward we all retired to the HQ for tea, coffee, cake and history. A great social time and a wonderful way to round off the weekend.